headshotCertified Holistic Health & Nutrition Counselor
Certified Fitness Trainer: Reformer Machine, Pilates Mat, TRX, Kettlebell, Ab&Glute Makeovers, Back Pain Relief

Licensed & Certified Makeup Artist, Hairstylist, Cosmetologist

Certified Reiki Master &Trained Psychic

Hand, Beauty & Fitness Model, Trained Actress & Improver, TV, Event & Commercial Host, Comedian

Health & Comedy Writer

“Rescue Bites” Healthy Munchies Creator 

“Go Away Bug Spray” & Postworkout Freshener Creator

Jen Elyse Feldman specializes in holistic health, immunity, energy, fat loss & body reshaping makeovers, through health counseling that addresses diet, movement, belief systems & thought patterns, relationships, sleep & a myriad of behavior modifications. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”-Hippocrates

Every time we eat, we’re taking a Prescription. The food we eat will make us energized, beautiful, lean, with optimal cognition processing & speed…or it can give us excess fat, cellulite, acne, mood disorders, and a plethora of symptoms that often become diagnosed as “diseases” including ADHD, diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, depression, bipolar disorder, obesity….

Influenced both by ancient healing techniques & the most popular, results-driven American makeover protocol, Jen guides people to take on her unique & highly-effective Prescription for a pain free, happy, and beautiful life.

Upgrading the Human form is Jen’s main goal. Nutrition, movement, & behavior protocol is strategic, providing specific results.

“If you’re not laughin, you’re not livin!” Jen also uses entertainment & comedy to make teaching fun & enjoyable, while providing clients with a necessity to health & healing: comedy!


Jen has addressed & relieved these issues using the “Keys To Live The Life” System: excess body fat, debilitating back pain, acne, cellulite, chronic fatigue, arthritis pain, heart disease, hypothyroid, white blood cell insufficiencies, adrenal fatigue, weak kidneys, food addiction & food cravings, sugar cravings, drug addiction, food & relationship codependency, bipolar, low motivation, depressed mood, lack of focus, anxiety, insomnia, flatulence, bloating, constipation, reducing stimulant intake while increasing energy…..

Typical results achieved while using the “Keys to Live The Life” Plan: fat loss, dramatic weight loss (more than a few of her clients have lost 20+ pounds, after only 1 Health Counseling Session), the addition of lean muscle, less bloating & flatulence, increased energy & motivation, high resistance to illness (less medications & Dr. visits), quicker cognitive processing, the disappearance of arthritis & fibromyalgia pains, acne disappears, confidence soars, rear ends are firmed & lifted….


Available For:
1. Holistic Health, Energy & Fat-Loss Makeovers (no training required) via VideoPhone, my                Syosset Offices, in-home visits, & group meetings
2. Fitness Training (Specialty: Ab & Butt Makeovers, Back Pain Removal) at my Syosset Fitness Studio, in-home training, at Define Gym and Limelight Fitness
3. Health Writing & Comedy Writing
4. Modeling, Acting, Hosting of TV, Events & Commercials
5. Group Fitness Classes, Nutrition & Optimal Wellness Total Transformation Seminars, Public Events

  1. Rescue Bites Healthy Munchies & Preworkout Chocolate: Rescue Cakes & PRE Chocolates
  2. Go Away! Bug Spray & Postworkout Body Freshener
  3. Certified & Licensed Makeup Artist, Hairstylist, Photo Stylist, Photography Assistant


Degrees, Certifications, Licenses & Training:

BA in Psychology, Minor Studio Art from The American University

Certified Holistic Health Counselor through Integrative Institute of Nutrition

Certified Personal Trainer through NASM

Certified Group Exercise Instructor through AFAA

Certified in Pilates Mat through Balanced Body, Pilates Reformer, TRX, Kettlebells, Silver Sneakers Yoga

New York State Licensed Cosmetologist

New York State Board Certified Makeup Artist

Donna Bella Hair Extensions, Eyelash Technician Certified

Certified Reiki Master

Trained Actress – Training in classes by Rick Imberman, Joseph Melendez & private coaching with Dan Sheynin

Trained in Improv classes by Dan O’Neil & Mike Rock

Trained in TV Production at Strong Island Radio with Bobby LaSerra

Trained Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant in classes by Shira Psychic Medium, Pat Longo, Cindy Salemi 2014-Ongoing

Hand, Beauty & Fitness Model,

Health Writer, Comedy Sketch Writer, Music Video Writer

Producer, Production Assistant


Facebook: Jen Elyse Feldman

Twitter: @LifeWithJENergy

Instagram 1 & 2: @TheLifeWithJenergy @JenElyse

Website: TheLifeWithJenergy.com

Phone: 516-236-3463   Email: JFeLdy.Be.HeaLthy@gmail.com

Text or Email for bookings, to make an appointment, and place orders


How Jen Gets Results

Step 1: I analyze my client’s completed Health Analysis Form
Step 2. I write an extremely detailed “Keys to Live The Life” Guidebook for the client. This 80+ page guidebook, contains precise protocol to achieve requested goals. Long-Distance clients receive their “Keys to Live The Life” by mail.
Step 3: I create a personalized counseling & training session to move the client from their starting point to their final destination, meeting all wellness goals. During the 60+-minute meeting, the client gains full understanding how to use my protocol (provided in the “Keys to Live The Life” guidebook) to efficiently achieve results.
Step 4: Try 1-5 Keys from the guidebook, every week.
1 meeting plus the written plan is enough for clients to get through 1-6 months, continuously achieving results. The goal is to accomplish as much as possible in 1 meeting.


My Health Analysis Forms allow me to intuitively analyze:

1. Who You Are (past, present, obstacles currently blocking your goals, ingested items, exercise, cognition, etc.)
2. Your Specific Goals: What you want to change, achieve, and overcome
Without a functional blood test, the extensive information provided in your health analysis allows me to create a results-driven transformation plan addressing your specific goals and issues. Please list all energy, mood, immunity, and aesthetic goals and problem areas, such as “getting enough energy to work out”, “conquering insomnia”, “avoiding antibiotics”, and “eliminating food addictions”. Specific goals allows me to give precise guidelines that will work for you. Details that seem irrelevant are surprisingly critical. For example: waking up every night and turning on the lights on the way to the bathroom disrupts melatonin secretion. This might be responsible for poor recovery, high stress levels, anxiety, reduced energy levels, and fat gain/storage.
In just one session, clients have lost 20+ pounds. One productive session can do wonders.
Be sure to fill out your current diet VERY THOROUGHLY (everything counts: a cigarette, gum, water, mints, alcohol, chewing on toothpicks). Include all “problems”, even if it seems negligible (hiccups, flatulence, increased energy in the evenings, etc.). Include ALL goals, even the smallest ones. Every detail matters, and the results have been miraculous: demand the best from yourself and me.

Fill out your Health Analysis Form