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Jen Elyse Feldy

Facebook Name: Jen Elyse Feldy

Instagrams: @JenElyse  @TheLifeWithJenergy

Twitter: @LifeWithJenergy



Phone: 516-236-3463


Certified & Licensed:

Fitness Trainer,

Holistic Health & Nutrition Counselor,

Reiki Master,

Hair Stylist,

Makeup Artist



Additional Titles:  Actress, Host, Model, Writer, Producer


Degrees, Certifications, Licenses & Training:

BA in Psychology, Minor Studio Art from The American University

Certified Holistic Health Counselor through Integrative Institute of Nutrition

Certified Personal Trainer through NASM

Certified Group Exercise Instructor through AFAA

Certified in Pilates Mat through Balanced Body, Pilates Reformer, TRX, Kettlebells, Silver Sneakers Yoga

New York State Licensed Cosmetologist

New York State Board Certified Makeup Artist

Donna Bella Hair Extensions, Eyelash Technician Certified

Certified Reiki Master

Trained Actress – Training in classes by Rick Imberman, Joseph Melendez & private coaching with Dan Sheynin

Trained in Improv classes by Dan O’Neil & Mike Rock

Trained in TV Production at Strong Island Radio with Bobby LaSerra

Trained Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant in classes by Shira Psychic Medium, Pat Longo, Cindy Salemi 2014-Ongoing

Hand, Beauty & Fitness Model,

Health Writer, Comedy Sketch Writer, Music Video Writer

Producer, Production Assistant



Work Listed chronologically, in each Category:

  1. Voiceover,
  2. Modeling
  3. ACTING in Commercials, Sketch Comedy, Short Films & Feature Films,
  4. Acting in Music Videos,
  6. Facebook Live Interviews & Shows,
  7. Personal Training & One-On-One Counseling, Group Exercise, Health Seminars
  8. Writing
  9. BOOKS & ARTICLES Written featuring me:
  10. Producer Work
  11. Hair & Makeup Work
  12. Products



-Phresh Products, Voiceover work

-Satirical Guided Meditation: “Meditation for All of God’s Creatures”

-Voice of Waterfall in Cartoon by Hairy Lion Comics produced by Harry Bailey  Preview:

-Voice of Waterfall in Cartoon, Moon Night: Waterfall


-TWO Photography, Post apocalyptic photoshoot May 2013

-Verdict Clothing, Modeled in Ad Campaign July 2011
-Fashion With Passion Runway Show, Walked in fashion show 2011
-Wyoming Hospital’s Health Awareness Campaign, Photoshoot at my gym for the campaign’s visuals
-Bridal Photoshoot for Lauren DeCosimo Hair Stylist and Denisimo Photography Oct 2012

-Cover Model and swimsuit layout for annual swimsuit issue of Village Connection Magazine,  by photographer Lenny Marks May 2013

-Modeling-Wicked Threads by Roberta Thompson Clothing Fashion Show October & December 2014 & November 2015
-Studio Photoshoot with Robert Mayer

Modeled for New York Film Academy, Photographs shown at Serazard Exhibit
Hand Modeling Video for Lifetime Brands’ The Perfect Tear used to demo & sell product

-1-Page Modeling Feature in National Print Magazine, “Cycle Source”

-Modeled in advertisements for Memorable Massages

-Fitness Modeling in print & film content for Chakra Art and DesignYoga Lifestyle Brand

-Starring in Charity Earth Angels Calendar as Featured Model, to raise awareness & create change in societal health, photographed by Paul Walker

Model in Toyota print commercial featured in Newsday, etc.…coming soon

Modeling-​1 Month in 2017 Billiards Swimsuit Calendar​, Produced by Alexander Gurman

Print Model ​for Bewitched Boneyard Jewelry by Maheen Lemon Sept 2017 –

Print Model ​for Anthony Defranco Salon Ad Campaign, Nov 2017

Print Model for Bewitched Boneyard Jewelry, multiple shoots in 2018

-Video Model in Video projected on Buildings at “Art in The Park” Art Event in Riverhead



  1. ACTING in Commercials, Sketch Comedy, Short Films & Feature Films:

-Commercial actress  for 50 Cent’s SMS Audio Headphones, “Music is for Everyone:
-Extra in National National Acura commercial Oct 2012
-Appeared in Extra TV Documentary about Bad Boy Artist Brittany Smooch Oct 2012

-Played Mom role in short film, “Pancakes in the Snow”:

Main Actress-Haunted House Commercial:

Actress-Played Gym Boss in the comedic sitcom, “Reps N Sets”    Trailer:, 10 more episodes will be filmed in 2016

Full Pilot, my scenes: 6:20-9:40 + 16:47min

Lead Actress in commercial for Optimum,

-Lead Role as FBI Agent in Feature Film, “Lake Ronkonkoma”, currently in production, due to release Nov 2016  Film Website:

-Starred in Pokemon Parody Sketch Comedy:

-Lead Role/Starring in Sketch Comedy Video, “When Snapchat Filters Come to Life” by Rocketship Park

2nd Youtube Link, “When your date doesn’t look like their pics-Snapchat dog filter comes to life:

Starring as a cyborg/dominatrix in sketch comedy series,  “The Black Magic Show”, Episode: “Pimping 101”  coming soon   Facebook page:

-Produced & Starred in Satiricial Medicine Commercial, “Problema”

-Lead Role, Dream Girl, MindbenderEnt Video Commercial:

Commercial Acting​- Main Commercial Model in Optimum Television Ad produced by Wild Factory

Combat Actress​ in Fight Scene for Shield Filmworks,

Actress​ playing News Reporter in feature film, “Menagerie”, produced by Sarah Martin, Silent Envy Productions’ coming soon…

Actress​ & Producer: sketch comedy, “Getting Off” Rough Cut:

-Lead actress playing maniacal Gym Boss in TV show, “Reps & Sets”, produced by Donald Elliot

Video Clip:


-Comedy Actress in Social Experiment/Comedy viral video, “Walking with 4 Wives in New York City”

Actress playing Reporter role with speaking lines in feature film, “Dragon”, produced by Alexander Bok

Lead actress playing the Accomplice to The Devil in short film, “Rotten Tooth”, produced by Gerard A. Mendez

Actress, writer, voiceover, hair, makeup, producer in Satirical Guided Meditation: “Meditation for All of God’s Creatures”

-Main girl in Trailer for Netflix, written by Justice Lyrics, produced by Justice, Mills Miller

Actress playing Psychic Youtuber in feature film, “Bloody Nun”, produced by Will Collazo

Actress playing Mime on a Blind Date in feature film, “Tommy Machismo”, produced by Silicon Mango Studios, Mustujab Kirmani, Akash Sam, Sumita


  1. ACTING in Music Videos:

-Extra in Mya and Cedric Gervais’ hit song, “Love is the Answer” Nov 2010
-Crash Boom Bang’s music video for their single, “VIP” Oct 2011

-Extra in Crash Boom Bang’s music video for their song, “Save Me”

-Cameo as a superhuman cyborg in the music video for the song, “Things Keep Getting Better” by Howard Jones and Cedric Gervais May 2013

-The Face of Cedric Gervais’ Worldwide Tour, produced by 8112 Studios, A video of me as a superhuman cyborg welcomes the audience at Cedric Gervais’ concerts throughout his worldwide tour. Featured in the main visuals shown at DJ/Producer Cedric Gervais’ international music shows.

Welcoming the crowd at Nocturnal Wonderland

-Kiev La Mont aka Rapper XL, Starred in a commercial for the rapper’s EPK, March 2014
-Ray 75 Music Productions, starred in music video, July 2014

-Actress-Natalie Peri Music Video for song, “No Matter What”, played “Baywatch Babe

Lead Actress in “Cold Summer” music video, by Lamborghini Law, Freegame July 2014 See Video:

Actress- Camp Lo Music Video for “You”, played myself, a Therapist:
Lead 1 of 2 Actresses– Camp Lo Music Video for “Bright Lights”, bodypainted in glow paint, for abstract visuals:
-Lead 1 of 4 Actresses– 3 Commercials I play a Fantasy/Dream Commercial #1:

Actress-Jay Carter Music Video for “My Pain Turned Me Into A Monster”, main/solo featured female

-Lead Role/Main Girl, Love Interest in Music Video, “Fighting Gravity” by Bad Seed Rising, Produced  by Mills Miller Media   Video

Actress​ in “Grief” Music Video:

Actress​ in S-Quire Music Video coming soon

-Actress​ in Live Interactive TV Show, Controllr, Sept 2017 -Video on Controllr Facebook Page:

Voiceover Actress ​for Comic, “Moon Knight: Waterfall” by Hairy Lion Productions, Harry Bailey

Lead Actress​ in parody commercial, “Uncomfortable, by Chanel” produced by Jen Elyse Feldman & Michael

Stern for Rocketship Park Sketch Comedy Team

Actress​ in viral sketch for Youtuber, Karim Jovian, “Arab Blondes Are Taking Over”:

Actress in music video, “In My Fantasy” by Barry Rock, 5 days of shooting, release date: Halloween 2018



-Live Reporting for

-Best of Vomodo Live Reporting, 1:18-1:39min:

-Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation’s Scope it Out 5k, lead 2,000 walkers and runners through a pre-race warmup at The National Mall

Live Show Host, National Kidney Foundation, Lead approx 1,000 people through a Warmup Workout at the Georgetown Waterfront prior to the DC Kidney Walk 2010, 2011, and May 2012
Live Show Host, Avon, Welcomed the crowd at Avon’s 2-Day Pre-Walk Show and Lead approximately 2,000 people through a Warmup Workout at the National Mall to kick off Avon’s 2-Day Breast Cancer Walk
Live Show Host, DC Stop Modern Slavery, Lead approximately 2,000 people through a Warmup Workout at the National Mall before the annual 5k. Oct 2011 and September 2012

-Hosting preshow at the National Mall for The Project To End Human Trafficking

-I was the Face of Cedric Gervais’ Worldwide Tour in 2012-2014:  ….

<–there are countless videos of me as a robot opening Cedric’s shows, worldwide all over social media, youtube


-ADHD radio, Guest hosted show focusing on Wellness and Positive Living Nov 2011

Guest on Jim Savalli Live, Appeared as a guest on Madhouse TV May 2013

Hosted ApTV (American Primetime Television), hosted a The Pope Of Hollywood TV show, Oct 2013-April 2014

Ola Style Episode:!EXP123033600&d=AsDA7AQePsAAGXTzAwBRYdI&p=y&range=yes&a=y&fakelastparam=ffffff

Pope of Hollywood Show Copia Episode:!EXP123033600&d=AsDA7AQePsAAGXTzAwBRYdI&p=y&range=yes&a=y&fakelastparam=ffffff
Hosted the preshow for The National Kidney Foundation for 4 consecutive years with a mini speech & warmup workout for approx 1,000 people at the National Mall, 2011-2014

Guest Hosted “Fred’s Pro Football Picks” 3 times September, October & December
-Guest Interview on “The LaPayower Report”, discussing Health Counseling & Training

-Guest Interview Appearance on “Oldies But Goodies” with George Irons
Guest Interview discussing health on “The Vic Terno Show”

Fitness Trainer Appearance in Who Do You Like TV special, featuring my new Jungshin workout:

-Guest Host on Jack Thriller’s “16 or Better” TV Show, Episode 19 and Behind the Scenes footage, July 2014
Guest Interview on “Who Do You Like? Health & Fitness Show”

-Guest Health & Fitness Expert, discussing weight loss:

Guest “Celeb” Hosting & MC The Arden’s Halloween Bash, Mc’ing, Picking Costume Winners

Guest Host on The Staten Island Comedy Show, cable

Hosted Korean International Commercial Video and Live​ Event for Doctors Lab New York, commercial video

will air in Korea in November 2016 & social media

–2018-Radio Show Special Guest Star ​on “Strong Island Radio”, Jan 2018

-“Celebrity Guest’ on “Pin ups, Cool Cats & Comics” TV Show

-Guest Host on “Pin ups, Cool Cats & Comics” TV Show featuring guest Sarah Bloomfield Curley:


  1. Facebook Live Interviews & Shows:

Cait Fazio + Jacob The Lifetarian, Topic: Jen & Cait Interview Jacob about his book & Lifetarian program

AJ Mihrzad, Topics: 1. How long should you wait to have sex?  2.Living Well with Fashionista Pamela

Sonya Kehler, Topic: Boundaries

Guest Hosted “Pin Ups, Cool Cats and Comics”

David Jakim, Topic: Biodiversity & Preparing for climate change



  1. Personal Training & One-On-One Counseling, Group Exercise, Health Seminars:

Health & Fitness Expert for Capital Icon Modeling Agency, Created 2 videos about Motivation June 2011

– Created fitness videos for &, Oct 2011

-Phresh Greens Superstar: My image is in the company’s brochure, on posters, on the website: July 2012-present, Created 4 instructional videos about Ergonomics, Neck Pain Relief Exercises, and Back Pain Relief Exercises. Oct 2012
-Instructional Video about Jungshin Sword Fitness for Fox News:

Gave seminar at the US Department of Labor about health & demonstrated exercises

Instructed Group Fitness Classes featuring my Fitness Method in a 1-hour class at NYSC Nov2012-May 2013
Trainer for Physical Therapy programs-Golf & Body Physical Therapy, Worked with physical therapists to execute strategic rehabilitation exercise programs April 2012 – Oct 2012

Seminar-Gave 15-minute Health Speech at “Fuel For The Body Bike Tour” Health Event

Seminar-Spoke at the annual Hope & Healing event, Gave a 1-hour seminar on Optimal Wellness

Video on Oneness & Connection with Joe Simmons:

-Teaching Workout Classes at Row45 2015-Present -45-minute Chisel workouts featuring rowing, barre, pilates, yoga, prehab & rehab moves, kettlebells, weights, bodyweight exercises & strategic stretching

Fox News Segment about Jungshin Sword Fitness, I was interviewed about why I do sword fitness, lifestyle shots & filmed workout segment, 0:25-0:50:




-Fitness & Health Personality, Writer, Trainer, & Video Star for

-Image for the College Life Magazine, Wrote article, “Top 5 Fitness Gadgets” Nov 2012
-Village Connection Magazine and Long Island
Women’s Social Network Magazine, Wrote “Abs Are Everything” article (pages 10-11) Feb 2013

-Village Connection Magazine, Wrote “Cereal Is A Loser Breakfast” featured in May 2013

Health, Healing, Fitness and Beauty Columnist for LiveDigiMag online & print Magazine

Author- Created “The Keys to Live The Life” Guidebook for Optimal Moods, Immunity, Energy & Aesthetics. Each client & Health Makeover Class Member receives a copy of this guidebook. Guidebook has been written from 2010 through the present, and it’s updated for each client

Video preview 1:

Wrote sketch comedies: “Problema”, “Satirical Guided Meditation for All of God’s Creatures’,


  1. BOOKS, ARTICLES & POETRY featuring me: article about my work as a health makeover artist, actress, trainer….

-Featured guest in “Dirty University” media kit for Chef Ian Russo & Dirtyburger

Improv​ piece with Jackie the Jokeman Martling from Howard Stern, Oct 2016

-Featured as Phresh Superstar Health & Fitness expert for Phresh Superfoods at & In Brochures

-Featured as Goddess in Video Poem by Jonathon Scott

-Article written about my Health Makeover work, including my Get Well Soon Checklist used to remove infection with minimal side effects:




-Produced, Written & Starred in Satiricial Medicine Commercial, “Problema”

-“Funny” Skits written, shot & edited by me (me as alter egos, me as a man, “Juan Rivera”:

Co-Producer of Feature Film​, “The Ascension”, produced by Mirrorland Production & Michael Stern, coming

Soon, November 2016

Writer, Videographer, Director, Actress, Producer, Editor ​of “Celebrity Colonoscopy”, April 2017

Producer, Stylist, MUA, Hairstylist, Model​ “Endo Warrior” Photoshoot, published in “The Blossom”, March 2018

Production Assistant and Actress ​“Tiara” Produced by Rick Martinez, PZP Productions, April 2018

Intern as TV Show Producer at Strong Island Radio, owned by Bobby LaSerra, September 2018-Present




Hair Stylist​ for New York Fashion Week Award Winning Fashion Designer & Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit

Designer, Katie Nordhoff

Hair Stylist​ for Clear Boutique Fashion Show, designs by Kia Von Vega, Nov 2017

-Featured Main Actress in Bon Jovi Music Videos produced by Mills Miller Productions

Makeup Artist & Model​ for Aldo Photoshoot published in Farbe Magazine

Producer, Stylist, MUA, Hairstylist, Model​ “Endo Warrior” Photoshoot, published in “The Blossom”

Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist for “Dancing with the Teachers”,

Makeup ​for 20 models keyed by Molly Fredenberg for Resort Collection Runway Show for designer, Alex Vinash

Hair & Makeup on 2 models for Vicissitude Magazine​ Photoshoot, magazine coming soon..

-Private makeup artist for wedding on Joanne Coelho

Makeup artist for photoshoots with models: Sarah Bloomfield Curley, Morgan Taylor Maxwell, Becky Young, Anna Curley, Sara Quinn/SK Music, Maheen Lemon, Joanne Coelho, Susanne Johnson, Evelyn Garcia



-Created The Life With Jenergy LLC and “Rescue Bites” Guilt-Free Munchies
-“Rescue Fruits”

-“Rescue Cakes”

-“Rescue Bites Pre Chocolate”

-“Go Away Bug Spray & Body Freshener” Aromatherapy Uplifting Bug Repellant & Body Freshener
-Products can be ordered directly through the Website:, Email:, text, or purchased in Stores