I started meeting with Jen as soon as I got the green light to exercise six weeks after my baby boy was born. Although I have always been an athlete and ate healthily and remained very active until late in my pregnancy, I still managed to pack on 40+ pounds, so I was ready to see some changes quickly, and I was not disappointed! Jen is supportive, fun, energetic, and most importantly, VERY good at reading what works for her clients’ bodies. She tailored a program toward my exact needs, which initially involved rebuilding core strength after essentially losing my abdominal muscles for many months. We met about twice a week, and within a couple months, I was fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes. As my fitness increased, she adapted my workouts — I never felt like I did the same workout twice. And the hour literally FLIES by every time. I re-upped for 24 sessions and am still seeing her! About one year post-baby, I am in better shape than I ever was even before my pregnancy. I highly recommend working with Jen! – Lori Weinstein


I had 2 issues when I started this class-middle back pain &bursitis in my right arm. They are both gone! Generally, my thighs&butt may have increased slightly in size, but they are also more toned, so I am more than OK with that..The 5minute stretch after class is FANTASTIC. If 1 listens to what you say, they can do the exercise Perfectly. I love the music! My chest has gotten perkier, which is amazing, because I am 53. 🙂 I think your class is fantastic! It has made a huge difference in my life. I didn’t get the “winter blues” for the 1st time ever this year& I think it was coming to your lass at 6:30am and working out with you. I love your positive&cheerful personality, your music, and your class has made me feel very strong&injury free.I also feel that your class is very thorough&extremely well choreographed. I always feel that my whole body has gotten a great workout! Thanks – Anonymous


I started nutritional counseling with Jen for one reason: weight loss. I had been losing weight on my own for approximately one year prior to starting with Jen and had reached a plateau that I just could not break. I had thought that my diet was pretty healthy. Little did I know that there was A LOT of room for improvement. Dramatically changing your diet can be daunting- especially when left to your own devices. However, Jen made it really very easy. From providing me with lists of healthy food options and scientific reports on the health benefits of certain foods to delicious recipes, Jen has challenged my views on what constitutes a “healthy diet” and has made me re-conceptualize how I navigate the grocery store. For me, the most helpful thing that Jen provided me with was recipes. As a self-admitted vegetable hater I was a little worried when I first saw the list of foods she wanted me to incorporate into my diet. (Spaghetti squash- eww.) But her recipes, tips on cooking technique, and suggestions on seasoning combinations had me eating more vegetables (and a larger variety) then I had ever consumed in my life. Now, foods that I never thought I would consume willingly, such as squash, zucchini, kale, and cauliflower, are dietary staples. (For getting me to willingly consume veggies, my mother is forever grateful to Jen).

While I ultimately did attain my goal weight, it took time, dedication, and a consistent workout routine. However, while weight loss was slow (and healthy), I was surprised by all of the additional benefits that, while not necessarily visible, impacted my daily life in various ways. After about two weeks into the program, my sugar/carb craving effectively stopped. It is SO much easier to stick to a diet when you are not craving junk foods. A few weeks into the program, I began noticing other small changes. First, my complexion cleared up substantially. Next, I noticed that I was able to go longer in between meals and did not feel so tired mid-afternoon. I even noticed that I was able to concentrate on work for longer periods of time without the assistance of caffeine. I also had more physical stamina during workouts. Finally, while everyone was getting sick around me, I stayed healthy. These daily benefits re-affirmed my dedication when weight loss was slow…..

Finally, Jen helped me make the changes in my diet permanent because she provided me with a wealth of resources that highlighted the internal benefits of certain dietary choices. For example, I received information on foods that have been correlated to cancer prevention, early Alzheimer’s prevention, and joint preservation. She is very knowledgeable about what foods contain what vitamins and she can offer alternative ways to enhance your vitamin intake and absorption with simple dietary substitutions. While not all health problems are avoidable, I look at my diet as sort of an extra health insurance policy. Cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis run in my family and I want to do everything possible to lower my chances of suffering from these health problems in my future. The information Jen provided has helped me make alterations that will work to maintain and improve my health over the course of my lifetime.
For the reasons listed above, I am so glad that I decided to enter into nutritional counseling with Jen. She is knowledgeable, attentive to dietary needs, and flexible in her recommendations. She knows that there is no exact formula that will produce results for everyone. Instead, she works with you, addresses your needs, and challenges you to re-think your conceptions about health. All in all, I had a wonderful experience and would recommend the program to anyone who is looking for a plan that establishes the foundations for long-term change and success. – Maury Lowery


My core is so much stronger, it’s amazing! Life changing! I love your music; it makes me want to dance. I want a copy of the songs. The extra stretch at the end is great! – Anonymous


I love your tips and will def try your sequence to vary my wkout….I can’t tell you how much your class/friendship has helped me really get on a path to feeling really fit and to keep going, so thanks girlfriend… btw you and T, I keep going 🙂
and I LOVE that sequence we did squat, leg extension, back lunge…
Feels Great….I wanted to tell you that class was AWESOME today, I mean totally awesome
I was more present to myself today in your class than any other class, which I’m sure had lots to do with me and my mind ha!
BUT you were totally in a groove, it was great
flow, exercises, energy it was GREAT!!!
just wanted you to know 🙂
My week will NOT be the same unless i do your class hahaha! I think we would all agree on that 🙂 –Christine F.M.


LOVE your class! I’ve been doing Mon-Wed-Fri classes since September and I have noticed good changes in my body-strength, toning. It’s also a great way to start the day. I feel like after 9-10 months I could step it up a notch-just a little more strenuous. THANK YOU SO MUCH”-Karen
<---Workout should be progressed every 4-6weeks, and variety is key. Classes are great, but unless they are made for a small group to progress, the Class Level will generally remain the same. Therefore, it is imperative that other training that is more strenuous be added to your routine. Classes are wonderful, but your body is smart & will quickly adapt to the moves...and the body's ability to adapt quickly leads to a halt in Results. Always diversify, work in routines that are designed for YOU to challenge you appropriately. If you work out for the masses, you are doing a routine designed for the masses. - Anonymous


I think your class is Terrific! There’s a great, positive energy and it’s fun (most of the time). Please keep teaching it, and at the same times. I feel the early hour brings out a very motivated group”-The 6:30am group at Washington Sports Clubs was AMAZING!!!!! So proud!! – Anonymous


I really enjoy your class. I don’t like lifting on my own, so the class is great with a group of people & instruction, I do feel stronger & more flexible from taking your class.-But have not lost weight, but that is my own eating habits that need work on. Thank you for your instruction & leadership – J. Hegmann


Initially I was a bit unsure and hesitant about the idea of having a trainer /
coach as a means to improve the effectiveness of my exercising. At the end, I decided to go for it and I must say that I’m quite happy and satisfied with the experience. The training sessions very much exceeded my expectations, mainly due to Jennifer’s excellent coaching approach. Before each session she took care of asking specifically what type of exercise and areas of the body I was interested to work out and what my short and long term goals were. Based on that, she prepared carefully each training sessions, including the type of exercise, number of repetitions and pace that best adapted to my physical conditions. On training she was very clear on explaining the aim of the exercise, technique, correct ways of working with the equipment, and was very observant of the way I performed the different exercises. She was also careful enough to suggest follow up exercises so as to maximize the impact of the training. I should praise Jennifer as well for her enthusiasm and care. I ended the training sessions with the impression that it was a worthy experience and I’m actually very much looking forward to repeat it in the soonest opportunity as it presents. I believe Jennifer is a great asset for the WSC. – Leonardo Garrido


I must say, since taking your classes, I have seen much more of my obliques. Feels awesome!
You’re a great teacher and your classes really work! I get the best soreness after your classes. I was thinking the other day, you should do a workout video, because you’re a great teacher and your classes are very unique!…I was gonna text you yesterday to tell you that for one of the first times EVER, my INNER thighs were sore! So awesome!!!! I think it was from the putting your elbows inside your knees and squat down exercise. We did so many of those on Wednesday! LOVE them!!! I’m gonna keep doing them all through this weekend and more.. Thank you!!!!!! – Anonymous


Can’t wait for the workout!
AWESOME Oblique work this am!!!! Thought i’d never see those things pop out again, after being stretched out with 2 kids! THANK YOU!! YOU ROCK!!!! – Anonymous


I was just checking out my abs – and they look BETTER than EVER!!! This and after 2 kids! THANKS TO YOUR AWESOME TRAINING!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!! XXOOOXXX -Tania Hayek Mercer


Dear Jen, Thank you for being so caring and giving us your best. When you do that, the universe rewards you by giving you the best. -Parviz


I am killing it on the diet! (in a good way 🙂 ) I don’t know if its the super hot weather or what but cravings are essentially zero. Seriously, my diet has never been cleaner.On the weight loss front I’m hovering between 128 and 130 consistently- which is really good
Its really nice to read little notes of encouragement that affirm I made the right choice. Life is too short for all that bullshit.
Thanks again and good luck on all your amazing business adventures!
– From 1 Very Special Client who reached commendable health goals during my 1st year of Health Coaching


Hey Jen, I hope the move is going well. I just wanted to let you know that I finally got on the scale this morning and……(drum roll please)……129! I haven’t broken the 130 barrier since high school. What’s more, I know that weight loss is actual fat loss and not muscle because I’ve been lifting 3x a week and can see more definition. Woooohoooo!!! Just thought I would let you know!
Can’t wait to start the spring program! – Mauri


Since our sessions together I have made some big changes in my life /eating habits. On a great note since we first met I’ve lost 10 lbs and now maintain my desired “normal” weight. Vacation weight is another story…. lets revisit that in 2013 when I will be going to Vegas for a bachelorette party. I am currently a “pescetarian” so I will eat eggs, dairy (mainly cheese but that is as sparing as possible) and fish. I have cut out red meat, chicken, pork etc. How this has helped me is to focus more on my leafy greens and veggies. I contribute my happiness with my weight and mind/body to focusing and expanding my daily selection of greens and veggies. Tips that you gave me that really helped and stuck with me were adding veggies to breakfast (love me some asparagus!). Before we met lunch typically involved a meat (chicken turkey) and carbs. When you first advised me to try to cut out dairy/meat it sounded impossible. But the more I learned my diet didn’t need to depend on these the easier it became to not eat them. Now lunch is salad, sauteed /cooked veggies and it makes me happy and full. I was really thankful for your constant support and presence. On the day I tried cutting out caffeine and animal bi products I came down with a massive headache. You texted me back right away and advised me on how to handle how I was feeling. That helped alot and I still live to tell. Another daily change I’ve made and advise others on in my warm glass of water with lemon. I still drink coffee because I do love it so, but the water first helps keep me hydrated and cuts my coffee intake in half. I’d recommend anyone looking for help with nutrition / weight loss / more healthy eating habits to work with you. It helped me so much so I thank you! – Lindsey Carmichael